From early times to a big Roman trade centre to a traditional weaver’s city to a modern industrial town.
Sindelfingen impresses with a medieval town centre, beautiful parks, museums (e.g. the only museum of data processing in Germany) and a lot of shopping possibilities
(Breuningerland and Sterncenter) as well as the inner city.


Our neighbouring city with its historic centre, the butchers museum and the museum of the peasant war is worth a visit.
It also offers a lot of shopping possibilities.


Explore the many sights of the capital: magnificent churches and castles. Museums, theatres, opera, the world famous Stuttgart ballet and musicals (SI Centre in Stuttgart) promise cultural highlights.
In September visit the „Cannstatter Wasen“ a state fair comparable to the Munich Oktoberfest, attracting visitors from all over the world.
December hosts a romantic Christmas Market.
The nearby city of Ludwigsburg invites visitors to a baroque-styled Christmas Market in front of the historic castle.
Among other sights are the “Wilhelma” one of Germanys most beautiful zoological and botanical gardens, the Planetarium, Germanys first TV-tower, the new soccer stadium and last but not least the two automobile museums with their spectacular new buildings:

Mercedes-Benz-Museum in Untertürkheim


Porschemuseum in Zuffenhausen


Swabian Alb

Explore the numerous trails of the Swabian Alb, enjoy hiking tours, biking or climbing and skiing in winter.
Visit the historic castles e.g. Schloss Hohenzollern, Schloss Lichtenstein or discover the Bärenhöhle (a cavern) or the small mammoth the oldest completely obtained work of art of mankind.

Black Forest

Apart from its beautiful landscape the Black Forest offers daytrips to Freudenstadt (the biggest marketplace in Germany), Triberg (Germanys highest waterfall) and also called the cookoocklock-town, the open air museum in Gutach, the theme park “Europapark” with lots of roller-coasters, an maybe even a trip to Straßbourg, France.
Many possibilities of hiking and biking in summerand skiing in winter.


Visit the old university town that has its origin in Sindelfingen and the abbey in Bebenhausen close to Tübingen (Bebenhausen ist under historical preservation order).

And even more….